“A clear vision helps us work together as a learning community to ensure that students are given every opportunity to succeed.”

“The 2020 Vision sets the scene for the next five years at Mueller College.

A clear vision helps us work together as a learning community to ensure that students are given every opportunity to succeed. At Mueller College, every student is seen as an individual, created uniquely and after God’s own image.

We acknowledge students need to be prepared for an ever-changing world. The 2020 Vision was developed to support our vision for active and engaging learning for Mueller students.

The 2020 Vision sets the groundwork whereby Mueller will provide learning opportunities in a safe and supportive community, underpinned by the Gospel.”

Paul Valese  Head of College

What will we do?


from prep to year 12

“Our task is to educate our students’ whole being so they can face the future. We may not see the future, but they will and our job is to help them make something of it.”

Ken Robinson

Use a Teaching and Learning Framework to inform instruction
Be learner centred
Use data to inform the way we teach and students learn
Use mentors and coaches to constantly improve teaching and student learning
Promote an understanding of different learning styles
Value, encourage, and celebrate academic success
Adopt multiple pathways for students to achieve their goals


from prep to year 12

 “Mueller aims to provide a safe learning environment whereby students are supported through life’s challenges as they learn and grow.”
Foster positive relationships between staff and students
Encourage respect and acceptance for each other in the community
Acknowledge everyone is created in God’s image
Provide opportunities for students to serve others
Develop sub-school cultures so that every student feels they have a place to belong
Provide pastoral support to prepare students for the task of learning


the good news of Jesus Christ

“The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation. Mueller College is unashamedly a Christian school. This doesn’t mean we are perfect; instead,
 we acknowledge the brokenness around us and seek to make sense of the world through an understanding of the Gospel.”
Valuing each student as made special in God’s image
Encouraging students to serve others as Christ served us
Showing the importance of Christian values in life and society
Sharing the message of Jesus Christ


every student is different

“The essence of teaching, the soul of the art is being brave enough, …to see exactly what is taking place in the minds of your students at any given moment.”

Robert Marzano


At Mueller we see students as individuals, all desiring to achieve their own goals. The most important part of Mueller is the student. Students are encouraged to seek new knowledge, make mistakes and look for understanding without the fear of judgement.


The 2020 Vision is designed to respond to the need for contemporary educational facilities, to move away from traditional learning spaces, towards flexible spaces that cater to the way students learn best.

The Building Plan

STAGE 1 - Covered Courts

spantech-concept-imageStage 1 will provide a 2400m2 undercover court area for all-weather sporting activities.

The primary use of the new sport centre will be the multipurpose courts. There will be space for 3 basketball courts, with line marking for a range of other sports. A new weights room will be built into the structure to add a new aspect to our Physical Education program. The existing rock wall will be relocated and extended to be part of the new facility.



Design Plans – Completed
BGA Submission – Completed
BGA Funding Approval – Approved
Construction – Completed

STAGE 2a - Senior Precinct

The new Senior Precinct will redefine senior schooling on the Peninsula. The facility is built on the 2 principles that ‘all students want to belong’ and ‘all students want to learn’.

The overall aim of the precinct is to develop a hub for students to learn in community. The building itself is not the end point of the overall vision for the Senior Precinct. The building and surrounds merely facilitates what we are currently doing (on a much smaller scale) and allows us to provide an education to meet the needs of the future.



Design Team Concepts – Completed
Concept Drawings (Wilson Architects) – Completed
BGA Funding Approval  – Approved
Construction – Completed

STAGE 2b – STEM Research Lab, Industrial Technology, Arts Cube

Excellence in our Aviation Program will be extended into the development of a new STEM Centre. The STEM Centre will be the home of a design lab where students come to solve real world problems through engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. New subjects are currently being developed to engage with STEM from Year 5 onwards.

The Arts Cube will become the home of the arts. Bordering on the College Square, performances will spill out onto the Square to add life and a vibrant performance culture into the centre of the College. The newly established Five Stones Theatre Company will also give post-secondary students an opportunity to continue their studies in The Arts once they finish Year 12.

A new Industrial Technology centre is being constructed to meet the changing needs of technology, design and construction. Students will be challenged with a new way of working while ensuring the foundational skills of wood and metal work are developed.



Design Team Concepts – Completed
Concept Drawings (Wilson Architects) – Completed
BGA Submission – Approved, December 2017
Construction – 2018

STAGE 3 – College Square and Community Space

Completion of College Square will provide convenient and comfortable outdoor learning spaces for students to access both during and outside class time. The provision of an outdoor dining area will also add to the variety of experiences for the Hospitality students.

Construction of the Lake Stage will provide an exceptional outdoor performance space for The Arts. Development of the Lake will enhance the opportunities for student across all curriculum areas. It is expected that a variety of subjects can incorporate the forest and lake area into their teaching units.

STAGE 4 – Middle School

Stage 4 will provide fully refurbished classrooms and specialist rooms for the Middle School. The existing D Block will become the new home for Middle School students, providing them with new classrooms and a place to call home.

A new tuckshop will be constructed as part of Stage 4. Bordering on College Square and the Middle School, the new tuckshop will add to the life and culture at the heart of the College.

An all-weather central courtyard will provide Middle School students with a place to belong. With easy access to the tuckshop and College Square, students will feel part of the Middle School community as well as the wider Mueller community. The redesign of classrooms also allows for year levels to be co-located. Each year level will be able to have a designated portion of the building where all form classes meet.

STAGE 5 – Primary refurbishment, Administration building

Refurbished primary classrooms will enhance the learning of students. Stage 5 will also provide all-weather outdoor break-out spaces in A Quad. A Block can be developed into a purposeful lower primary facility. A green space and undercover courtyard both provide valuable outdoor teaching and play space.

A central one-stop Administration Building will enhance community to provide a central service location. Currently students and parents need to go to a variety of different locations to seek support (attendance, late sign in, early departure, chaplains, health services, administration). A central Administration Building brings all student and parent services together in one location.

Please note that this is a “Concept Masterplan” and changes may be made throughout the rollout of the development. The building program is set to go beyond 2020.

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