The Tuckshop is open five days a week, from 8.30 am till 1.30 pm.Parents are encouraged to join our voluntary workers who make this service available for students (Lunch is provided for workers).

Primary School Orders

Method Of Ordering

  • All food must be ordered.
  • All orders are to be placed in Tuckshop box in classroom each morning BEFORE 9.00am .
  • Please use a SEPARATE BAG for big and little lunch.
  • Please write orders on each bag and place money inside the bag, stating amount of money enclosed and how much change is required.
  • If one amount of money is enclosed for both big and little lunch, please put money in main bag and state on bag that it is for both meals.
  • Fold bag over several times, please do not staple or tape bags.

Little Lunch

Little lunch is done by bag ordering only (Years 1-6). These orders require only one bag whether for hot and/or cold food.

All Hot Food Must Be Ordered In The Morning as we cook only what is ordered. Over the counter service is available from 12.40pm for snacks, drinks, ice blocks etc. If drinks or ice blocks are ordered children are to bring the order bag back to the Tuckshop counter to collect them.

Primary school children are not permitted to go to the Tuckshop. They are to order their little lunch and big lunch on bags prior to morning tea.

Please Note:

When printed bags are not used, please add 5 cents for each bag required. If your child writes out his/her own bag, please ensure they use a ballpoint pen and that their writing is clearly legible. Also if your child goes to Sport on Friday, please ensure that SPORT is written on the front of the bag.


Correct money is appreciated but change will always be given, taped to front of order bag. All prices are subject to price rise without notice.

If insufficient money is tendered, a substitute will be placed in the order. If your child forgets his/her lunch, he/she must first go to his/her teacher or the Principal. NO OTHER CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN .

Thank you for your co-operation. We welcome all help and any suggestions can be directed in writing to the Tuckshop Convenor.


2017 Tuckshop Pricelist

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