PAUL VALESE // Head of College

The year has started at a frantic pace, as usual.  We have a record number of students enrolled which meant that we cooked the largest number of sausages for MegaChapel.  It was a great vibe on the MPAC lawn; the smell of sausages cooking and the excitement of the new school year starting.  MegaChapel was standing room only.  We are constantly overwhelmed by the number of parents who come along and feel the strong sense of community which these events build.  All students were challenged with the message of “Who are you…really?”  Here at Mueller, we view students differently to most schools.  Every person is created in God’s image and as such has value and worth.  As we go through the year, we pray that students will realise their value and see how God sees them; created by Him.

Last week, families received a letter outlining the initiatives for 2014.  The year has been highlighted as a year of progress as we continue to “prepare students for life in the world and eternity”.  We are working hard to ensure that the new initiatives further strengthen this preparation of students.  There is a renewed academic thrust, ask your child about Learning Goals.  There is a new pastoral care program in the high school, ask your students at Slam.  The buzz around campus is positive.

Thank you for your continued support of Mueller.  We have an open door to any concerns you may have, simply email or call one of the Heads of Sub-school.  Education is a partnership and we look forward to working with you over the course of the year.


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