Grade 10 Assessment


Year 10 Assessment – Term 4, 2012




Assessment Type

Week Due


Art Appraising Task 500-word rationale with pictures and text. Draft due wk 3 Mon, Week 5 j.evans
Making Task – Printing Practical – Silk screening on t-shirt or calico bag Fri, Week 6
Visual Diary Mon, Week 7
BCT Access Database Practical exam Week 7 c.walker
Business Globalisation Folio of Written Tasks Week 4 d.clarke
International Business Austrade Assignment Week 7
Chinese  Master Chef  Listening, speaking, reading & writing  Week 8 r.lee
CLT Software/Hardware Investigation Major Project (draft due 9th Nov) Friday 23rd Nov. a.banks
Drama Improvisation Practical Forming – Group improvisation Week 7 l.kite
English (1) Novel: A Long Way Gone Persuasive spoken task Week 2 m.gilliver
Novel: Fahrenheit 451 Advertisement Week 5
Essay Exam Week 8
English (2) Advertising Unit Assignment 30th Oct a.dickfos
Novel: A Long Way Gone Exam (Essay) Week 7
English (3) Poetry Exam Week 6 g.moor
English (4) b.gilliver
English (Comm) Novel: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Movie/Novel Comparison Week 7.  e.scheu
Weekly comprehension tasks Weeks 2-6
Geography Tourism Report Week 2 s.andersen
Population Short Response Week 7
Population Response to Stimulus Week 8
Graphics Business graphics Exam Week 4 k.dean
Business graphics Assignment Week 8
History Ancient Egypt Assignment Week 7 m.gilliver
Knowledge Exam Week 8
Home Economics Sewing Commercial Patterns Practical Item and Process Journal Friday, 23 November k.moss
Hospitality Function day (10A, 10B) Practical – Music Arts Cafe Dessert Function(After School 3-6pm) 12 Nov s.manteit; k.moss
Theory Exam Week 6
HPE Canoeing Technique and Performance in Canoeing Ongoing a.bird, b.stiller
Biomechanics Exam Week 7
Industrial Tech Construction and design Finished projects are assessed on completion k.dean
Legal Studies Skills for Legal Studies Exam Week 6 g.moor
Maths (A) Chapters 10 and 11 Exam Week 10 c.hotko; p.kissick
Maths (B) Ch 10 Money and FinanceCh 11 Advanced Algebra Exam Week 8 s.dickfos; a.hilly
Maths (Pre-Voc) Essential Maths Mathletics Ongoing p.kissick
Ch 9 Time Time Chapter Test Week 3
Ch 10 Direction and Location Direction Chapter Test Week 6
Exam Week 8
Music Time – Chapter 9 – Music analysis test- Performance Weeks 7-8 h.yusupov
Science Instruments and Orchestration EEI – “Chemistry or Physics – your choice.” Week 4 … or … Week 8 j.vellnagel
Senior Science Assessment Types ERT – “Fad diets – do they really work?” Week 4 … or … Week 8
Science (General) Senior Science Assessment Types ERT – “Fad diets – do they really work?” Week 8 d.thompson


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