Grade 11 Assessment


Year 11 Assessment – Term 4, 2012

Subject Unit(s) Assessment Type Week Due
Ancient History Ancient Religions Extended Written Response to Evidence Exam Block m.gilliver
Aerospace Future Flying Assignment (draft due in week 6) Week 8 a.banks
Accounting Accounts Receivable Practical and Theory Test Week 4 c.walker
Internal Controls Spoken/multimodal Presentation Week 7
Art The Meaning of Objects –Sculpture Making Task 3 Week 7 j.evans
Art (Creative Art) CRAFT: Ingenious Creations TASK: Design Poster/Poster for Music Art Café in November Week 7
Art (Cert III Visual Art) Modules as given On-going individual assessment of competencies Week 7
Visual Diary Week 7
Art (Creative Art) Practical Follow Design Brief Week 6 l.ham
Oral assessment Visual diary to be handed in at time of assessment Week 6
BCT Source Documents Test (Part b) Week 2 g.moor
Workplace, Health & Sustainability Multimodal presentation Week 6 g.moor
Building & Construction Blue Dog Theory All 11 units need to be complete by the end of week 7. Week 7 p.kirakov
Biology Plants ERT – “Are Pesticides from Plants Dangerous to Humans” Week 6 j.vellnagel
Plants Exam Exam Block
Chemistry Gas Laws ERT – “The Chemistry Behind Airbags” Week 4 j.vellnagel
Gas Laws / Solution Chemistry Exam Exam Block
Chinese  Class party  Listening & speaking Week 7 r.lee
Chinese Proverbs Reading Exam Block
 Whole year Writing Week 7
Drama Play Performance Week 6/7 s.ratcliffe
English Novel and Film Comparison Essay (supervised, seen) Exam Block b.gilliver
English (Comm) Ad. creation Written Task Oct 25th jf.lacey
Communication Skill Assignment Spoken Task Exam Block
English (ESL) Australian Poetry – what is in a poem Persuasive essay exam Exam Block a.dickfos
Film and TV Documentary Production Week 4 m.blackmore
Children’s TV Design Suite Week 6
Geography Sustaining Biodiversity SRE (Stimulus Response Essay) Week 3 d.miller
SRT (Short Response Test) Week 5
Graphics Animation Exam, Assignment Week 8 k.dean
Home Economics Food Consumers Research Assignment Week 6 s.manteit
Food Consumers Exam Exam Block
Hospitality Pastry weekly practical cooking every week s.kirakov
Oral week 7
Industrial Tech Student projects Ongoing c.gater
ITS  HTML5 and Web Design Exam Exam Block k.slack
Legal Studies Agreements Exam Exam block g.moor
Maths A Chance and Data Assignment Week 5 r.everitt
Chapters 12, 11 and 8 Exam Exam Block
Maths B Probability, rates of change, Assignment Week 4 m.shields
differentiation and application Examination Block Exams s.dickfos
Maths C Ch8, 9, 10 Assignment ch8 29th October c.hotko
Exam Ch9,10 Exam block
Maths (Pre-Vocational) Ch 6  Car maths Buying a Car Assignment Mon Oct 24th l.irvine
Ch7 Statistics Oral Wk4-wk7 r.everitt
Exam Exam block
Modern History Feminism: Wave after wave Essay in Response to Stimulus Mon 7th Nov d.zylstra
Short response to stimulus Exam Exam Block
Music The Most Beautiful and Adorable Analysing Repertoire Week 7 h.yusupov
Performers & Performing Performance Week 6
Physical Education Rock Climbing Technique and Performance in Rock climbing Ongoing b.stiller
Biomechanics Multimodal Presentation Exam Block a.bird; t.langford
Physics The Physics of Music ERT Week 6 a.hilly
Exam Exam Block t.langford
Recreational Studies Sports Injuries Exam – Short Response Exam Block b.stiller; a.bird;
Indoor Hockey Drill and Gameplay Ongoing
Science 21 Weapons through the ages Exam Exam Block a.hilly
Tech Studies Hidden compartment Evaluation ( Hidden comp )assignment Week 2 p.kirakov
Exercise and health Design folio Week 3
Practical (model) Week 6
Evaluation (Ex and H ) Week 7


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