Grade 7 Assessment

YEAR SEVEN ASSESSMENT OVERVIEW T 4 Unit(s) Assessment Type Week Due Contact…………
Chinese Food (Unit 1) Oral and written menu Week 7 h.oakleyr.lee
English Junior Fiction Books Buddy BookWeekly Spelling Tests Week 8 All 4 classes
Maths Probability, Fractions, prisms. End of Term Test Week 8 All 4 classes
History Ancient China Test Week 7 h.oakleyi.birdd.gynthern.harch
Home Economics7.17.27.3 Food Practical cookingTheory Test 67 s.manteit
Home Economics7.4 textiles Practical task in class all materials are provided Week 8 s.kirakov
Music Keyboard Unit * Written Exam (Week 6)* Keyboard practical Exam (ongoing) n.harch
Drama The Secret Garden Group Performance 7 l.kite
Science Habitats and interactionsEarth’s Resources ExamBook Mark Week 8 J.shapland
HPE Tee-ball Performance in Drills and Game-play Continuous d.gynther, b.sadler, a.bird
7 ART Painting through the ages Practical and Visual Diary Week 7 l.ham, j.evans.
Industrial Skills CD rackWhistle Marked when finished k.dean, p.kirakov,  a.banks
Computer literacy Keyboarding skills Typing test Week 8 j.evansb.sadler
Biblical Studies Bible Talk Completion of Workbook Weekly n.turner;  a.kregenbrink


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