Grade 8 Assessment

YEAR EIGHTASSESSMENT OVERVIEW T 4 Unit(s) Assessment Type Week Due Contact…………
HPE (8.1, 8.4) Gaelic Football Performance in Drills and Game-play Continuous t.langfordb.stiller
HPE (8.2, 8.3) Gaelic Football Performance in Drills and Game-play Continuous b.stillerb.sadler
Home Economics8.18.2 Food and nutrition Weekly practical cookingPractical cooking task Week 6 k.mosss.kirakov
Home Economics8.38.4 Textiles Practical sewing item – boxer shorts Week 8 s.manteitk.moss
Consumer Studies  Money Management Short Response TestCompletion of workbook Week 9Throughout term d.clarkec.walker
History8.1 The Mongol Empire MapCreating a board game – “Travelling the Silk Road”Written test Week 3Week 6 

Week 7

History 8.2 Polynesian Expansion Artefact assessment task Week 8 a.dickfos
History 8.3  The Vikings prac/research/writing assessment task Week 7 l.ham
History 8.4 prac/research/writing assessment task Week 7 c.hotko
English 8.1 Book Study – War Horse Diary writing‘A call to war’ posterWeekly spelling tests Week 5Week 7Weekly e.scheu
English 8.2 WarhorseFairytales retold Newspaper article – front pageShort story Week 3Week 7/8 a.dickfos
Maths Chapter 9- ChanceChapter 10- DataChapter 11- Shape and Line Examination Week 8 p.kissick
Music Scales, Triads, Tonality and Intervals! Written ExamSmall ensemble 88 n.harch
Drama Monologue presenting Monologue Week 6 l.kite
Science Growth and ReproductionExploration and Mining  ExamSpelling testPrac /book mark Week 8Week 5 j.shapland
Industrial Tech On-going practical Workshop and computer based n/a A. Banks/K.Dean/P.Kirakov
Chinese Food (Unit 2) Oral presentation – Food Stall Week 7 r.leeh.oakley
English8.4 Short Story writing, compositionsGrammar Headstart AssignmentTest 14 November28 November m.taylorg.moor 
English 8.3 Developing Tension in FilmRising AboveWider Reading


Storyboard for a deleted scene in Jurassic ParkBiographyOral


Week 2Week 5Week 7

Week 8

8 Art Australian Landscape PAINTING Practical and Visual Diary Week 7 l.hamj.evans.
Biblical Studies The Saga Begins 1 B Completion of workbook Weekly n.turner
Biblical Studies The Saga Begins Part B Completion of Workbook Weekly a.kregenbrink


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