Grade 9 Assessment

YEAR NINEAssessment Overviews T 4 Unit(s) Assessment Type Week Due Contact…………
HPE Indoor Hockey Performance in Gameplay and Drills Continuous b.sadlerb.stillert.langford
HPE Nutrition Assignment – Meal Planner Week 7 b.sadlerb.stillert.langford
Home Ec Designing textiles Practical itemProcess journal Week 8Week 7 s.kirakov
Business Studies Promoting and Selling AssignmentExam Week 7Week 8 d.clarke
Graphics Presentation in Graphics Assignment 15/11/12 c.gater
ITS Unit: Gamemaker Project and evaluation Week 6/Week 8 c.daniels
Business Information Processing Business Correspondence Practical TasksSpeed and Accuracy Week 6Each week c.walker
History 9.1 World War 1 Task 5.1Task 5.3 Week 3Week 5 e.scheu
History World War 1 Tasks 5.1-5.3In class response ( 5.4) Week 6Week 7 s.ratcliffem.blackmoren.harch
Maths Chapter 10- EquationsChapter 12- geometry of Angles, thenChapter 11- Coordinate Geometry Examination Week 8 s.dickfos
Music The Classical and Romantic Periods * Musicology exam (Classical)*  Musicology exam (Romantic)* Solo performance Week 4Week 8Week 7 n.harch
Drama Alice Project Performance Week 7 l.kite
Science DiseaseEcosystems ExamSpelling testPrac write-up Week 8Week 5 j.shapland
Com. English Media Studies Unit 4 Part Written Assignment Due Nov 16th j.lacey
Chinese School Life Writing & Reading Week 8 r.lee
Geography Disasters Creative response Week 7 & 8 r.lee
English Myth Cycle Folio of essay responsesOral Task Week 6Week 7/8 s.ratcliffe
English Sherlock Holmes Oral: film/novel comparison Week 7 s.hull
English Personal Writing Min 6 diary entriesTexting assignment

Grammar & Spelling

Draft Mon Week 3Final Tues Week 4Week 6

Week 8

English Study of film Review of filmChange ending play script Wk 5Wk 8 h.jose
Industrial Skills  Finish Treasure chestToy Marked when finished When finished c.gater, k.dean, p.kirakov
Art Box Artist Encounter Appraising – Written CritiqueMaking – Functional Pot with FeetVisual Diary Week 7Week 7 j.evansl.ham 
Biblical Studies That’s the Way the Kingdom Crumbles #2 Completion of workbook Weekly n.turner
Biblical Studies The Kings and Prophets Bib workbooks November 12 d.ware
Biblical Studies The Kings and Prophets Completion of Workbook Weekly a.kregenbrink



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