Mueller Arts

Mueller Arts is the Arts Department of Mueller College.

The Arts Department incorporates:
  • Primary Arts Curriculum – Music and art specialist classes with support provided for classrooms in Dance, Media and Drama
  • Secondary Arts Curriculum – Drama, Dance, Media Arts (Film), Music and Visual Art
  • Extra-curricular Arts opportunities – Vocal groups (Community Musical, Concert band, Dance crew initiated by the school or provided by trusted external providers (Brisbane Junior Theatre, Drawing classes with Natalia Balo)
  • Tutoring programs – Instrumental music, music theory, speech and drama and singing

Mueller Arts is the Arts working in close relationship to support each other.  While all of the Arts have a distinct style more and more there are vocational and cultural expectations that an understanding of the interrelationship of the Arts exist.  The first step in this is creating a community of teachers and artists who guide students through their practice that the Arts are distinct, but also interrelate.

Underpinning this view is a Christ-centred approach to the Arts, which is:
  • Joyful
  • Serving of God and others
  • Seeking excellence
  • Is about relationships and building community

For more information on what extra-curricular arts Mueller offers including tutoring and scholarships download the Mueller Arts Handbook  and for music options visit Mueller Connect.

For all enquiries, contact the Arts office at

Simon Ratcliffe
Head of The Arts


Mueller Arts Handbook

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