Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Team

Mueller College’s Pastoral Care team meets weekly to ensure that the children who are in need of some extra support receive it. These students are cared for and monitored by a team of people committed to looking after their social, emotional and physical well being. The pastoral care team includes senior administration, the school nurse, senior teachers and chaplains.

The Pastoral Care team has opportunities to, amongst other things, pray for the students within the school, send students out shopping with a teacher for care packages, provide food and other items for families in need, support seniors in meeting their deadlines and monitoring their career options, establishing teacher mentors for children who need to connect with someone on a regular basis and offer support to our school families through their children and through individual contact.

The success of the team relies on the caring teachers and staff that we have in the school who work hard to get to know their students and then take the time to make a referral if they are concerned about any aspect of the children within their care. This team work has allowed students to feel supported, develop better coping mechanisms and know that the staff of Mueller care about them as a whole person and not just as a student in their classroom.


Chaplains seek to facilitate the aims of the Mueller College mission, and provide effective counsel and support to students and families. Each sub-school has a dedicated chaplain, specifically focusing on the needs of the students at their stage of schooling.  Students are free to approach a chaplain at any time.

Current School Chaplains

Mrs Naomi Kusic
Mr Alan Kregenbrink

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