Grade 12 Assessment

Year 12 Assessment – Term 4, 2012

Subject Unit(s) Assessment Type Week Due
Aerospace Airports future Assignment (draft due in week 4) Week 6 a.banks
Accounting ES Payroll Folio of Practical Tasks Exam Block d.clarke
ES Payroll Research Assignment Week 4
Ancient History Ancient Religions Extended Written Response to Evidence Exam Block m.gilliver
Art Making task Extension piece Fri 9th Nov
(or) Appraising Task Essay (Draft due week 3) Week 5 j.evans
Visual Diary Completed documentation of term’s art Week 7
Art (Creative) Photography Practical Fri 9th Nov l.ham
Oral Fri 9th Nov
BCT Financial Documents Practical exam Exam Block c.walker
Certificate II in Business Competency work In class
Biblical Studies Workbooks November 6 d.ware; a.kregenbrink; n.turner
Biology Evolution  Extended Written Response November 7th k.slack
Chemistry Forensic chemistry ERT – “Who done it?” Week 5 j.vellnagel
Chinese  Consumerism & Advertising.  Speaking  Week 6 r.lee
Drama One person Show Written Script Week 4 s.ratcliffe
English 2 films of your own choice Report (Persuasive/reflective) 7th November b.gilliver
English (ESL) Australian Poetry – what is in a poem? Persuasive essay exam Exam week a.dickfos
English (Comm) Travel Itinerary Written Oct.23rd jf.lacey
Travel Comparison Spoken Exam Block
Film, Television and Media Directors Oral – Critical analysis of a director 5th November m.blackmore
Geography Sustaining Biodiversity SRE (Stimulus Response Essay) Week 3 d.miller
SRT (Short Response Test) Exam Block
Graphics Business / Production Graphics Extended Graphical Response Week 5 c.gater
Home Economics Food and an Australian Identity Exam Exam Block s.manteit
Hospitality Celebration & Dessert Cakes Folio Wed 7 Nov k.moss
Celebration & Dessert Cakes Practical – weekly cooking Every week
Industrial Skills Blue Dog Training Online Week 5 c.gater
ITS Collective Works Digital Folio Mon 29 Nov k.slack
Legal Studies Law in a Changing Society Exam Exam Block g.moor
Maths A Chapter 3, Chapter 9 Exam Exam Block j.vellnagel; m.shields; r.everitt
Maths B Probability Distributions Exam Exam Block m.shields, s.dickfos
Maths C Chapter 10, Chapter 8 Examination Week 6 r.everitt
Maths (Pre- voc) Investing Money Investment Portfolio Week 3 c.hotko
Growing Vegetables Vegetable Report Week 5
Exam Exam Block
Modern History Feminism: Wave after wave Essay in Response to Stimulus Mon 12th Nov d.zylstra
Music Concert Time Performance Week 6 h.yusupov
Physical Education Volleyball Performance in Authentic Environments Continuous t.langford
Exercise Physiology Multi-modal task Week 5 a.bird
Physics Student Choice Assignment End of week 5 m.shields
Recreational Studies Boat License Written Test and Practical Exam Week 5 b.stiller; b.sadler
Science 21 Responsible Driving ERT Week 5 a.hilly
Tech Studies Community PPD Week 2 c.gater
Minor project Week 5
Log book and evaluation Week 6


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