Senior School

Choosing to complete Senior School at Mueller College means experiencing……..more than a school. Together with the primary and middle sub-schools, we aim to equip all students for life in the world and eternity, by applying biblical principles, through an excellent education in a distinctly Christian environment.

An Excellent Education:

Mueller Senior School offers a diverse and flexible program to ensure each student is able to pursue their pathway of choice. In a rigorous and stimulating academic environment all students are encouraged to become independent learners.
Whether students plan to undertake tertiary studies or head directly into the workforce, the Senior School program allows each student to work towards achieving their individual goals.

Designed to prepare and equip students for life after school, the teaching and learning in Senior School focuses on providing students with knowledge and transferrable life skills. We aim to provide all students with an in-depth understanding of the world around them to ensure they graduate as well-educated, independent young adults, ready for life in the world and eternity.

Current teaching and learning practices, and current assessment and reporting frameworks, are maintained and enhanced through regular professional development of all teaching staff.

The whole-school approach to education at Mueller College provides students opportunities to serve and contribute within the different campus communities; early childcare, prep, primary, middle school, senior school, retirement village, and Mueller Community Church.

A dedicated and committed team of teachers and learning staff afford students every opportunity to learn and develop God-given potential. Not only is the delivery of an engaging and quality curriculum a priority, but also the pastoral care of students, and the facilitation of a safe and supportive environment that offers all students an equal opportunity to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Healthy and genuine relationships are forged and enhanced throughout Senior School, and celebrated at the family friendly Graduation service and final Chapel, and an alcohol free Senior Formal.

Modern, state-of-the-art facilities that integrate the latest technology enable quality teaching and learning;

  • Artificial Rock Climbing Facility
  • State-of-the-art Performing Arts Centre and music facilities
  • The development of Industrial Standard Kitchen and Catering Facilities
  • Interactive Whiteboards and AV functions in classrooms

The senior school readily caters for and supports the different needs, abilities and learning styles of its students. This is achieved through:

  • Streamed senior subjects to cater for different ability levels – including gifted & talented
  • Learning Assistance
  • Extra tutoring options

A broad and diverse range of subjects are offered in Years 10 -12. Students in Year 10 are presented with many different pathways to investigate, with the variety of VET pathways ever increasing.

Course Information Booklets:
Visit Mueller Connect to download Subject Selection Information.

Subjects on offer in Year 10:

Core subjects: Maths, English, Global Perspectives and Sport.
Electives: a choice of 4 electives from the list in the Year 10 Subject Information Guide found on Mueller Connect.

Subjects on offer in Year 11 and 12:

General Subjects:
English as an Additional Language

Physical Education

Ancient History
Legal Studies
Modern History
Philosophy & Reason

The Arts
Film, Television & New Media
Visual Art

General Mathematics
Mathematical Methods
Specialist Mathematics


Aerospace Systems
Digital Solutions
Food & Nutrition
Applied Subjects:
Arts in Practice
Essential English
Essential Mathematics
Industrial Graphic Skills
Industrial Technology Skills
Science in Practice
Sport & Recreation – Outdoor Education
Sport & Recreation – Sports & Fitness


VET Certificate Courses

VET courses provide students with valuable work-related knowledge and skills through a nationally recognised qualification. Student achievement is based on industry-endorsed competency standards. In Years 11 and 12 students are able to select VET courses from a range of options including the following Certificates which are offered as part of the school curriculum.

Vocational Courses offered

  • Certificate III in Business
  • Certificate III in Hospitality/Certificate III in Events
  • Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

These courses provide students with the opportunity to develop practical workplace skills. Students who enjoy ‘hands-on’ learning will enjoy this way of learning.

In addition to these courses, students are able to undertake VET courses off-campus with other training providers e.g. TAFE and a range of private providers. Some courses on offer are Children’s Services, Health Services, Fitness, Media, Automotive and Engineering. A complete list is available on request.

Completion of VET certificates provides students with vocational skills and knowledge which will enable them to obtain part-time or full-time employment. Some courses can be used towards further study at TAFE or other private colleges. All courses earn points towards the QCE.

Students can download the following documents about the services they are to receive, and their rights and obligations.

VET Student Handbook
Training and Assessment Strategy Request Form
Complaints and Appeals Policy
RPL Policy
RPL Application Form


Students are provided ample opportunities to enhance their sporting talents in Senior School years. Interschool carnivals provide a platform for students to pursue and achieve individual representation, while annual extra-curricular sporting events and tournaments throughout the year expose those gifted in team sports such as; Futsal, AFL, Softball, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby League. Plenty of other representative opportunities exist through;

  • Weekly Interschool sport
  • Brisbane Metropolitan finals
  • District and Sunshine Coast Regional representation
  • Queensland representation at the Christian Schools National Championships

It is recognised that a lot of valuable teaching and learning takes place outside of the classroom setting. The myriad of extra-curricular opportunities available for students in the senior school include;

Music Tour
Music & Arts Cafe
School Musical
Sports Camp
Survival Camp (Yr11)
Wilderness Trek (Yr12)
MUROC (Aviation Competitions)
Drama & Hospitality Trip
to Melbourne
Various Hospitality & Catering Events
Ski Trip (New Zealand)
Bike Hikes
Sewing Club

Distinctly Christian Environment:

In partnership with the Behaviour Management Policy, is a strong focus on student Pastoral Care. Individual student needs and those of their family are identified and addressed through;

  • Student mentoring
  • Provision of practical support & assistance
  • Referral to support organisations
  • Chaplain services
  • A full time college Nurse
  • Church and pastoral support / counselling

Students are offered many mission opportunities under the banner of ‘Mueller in Action’. This involves the Senior School in local and globally focussed opportunities:

  • Vanuatu (Yr 10 & 11)
  • China (reaching the under-privileged and orphaned)
  • ICC Walk the Wall (fundraiser for China)
  • Amos (to outback & indigenous communities)
  • Samaritans Purse – Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Appeal
  • Mueller College Fete
  • Cambodia (alternative schoolies)
  • Certificate III in Christian Ministries (Kickstart 3D)

The recognition and support of social justice is a strong priority within the Senior School. We continue to be one of the highest per capita contributors to World Vision in the state, and were awarded the ‘Advocacy Award’ in 2012 for ongoing contributions to World Vision. Students are a main driving force in the fundraising and operation of various charity events;

  • Compassion
  • Destiny Rescue
  • World Vision 40 hour Famine
  • Samaritans Purse program
  • Other aid organisations

A distinct aspect of college life is the hugely popular Chapel & Mega-chapel programs. The presentation of the gospel through relevant, thought provoking music and speakers is a much anticipated part of the student’s weekly timetable. Unique to Mueller are the Mega-chapel services, linking all students across the college campus. These occur several times throughout the year;

  • First Day of the School Year Mega-chapel
  • Easter Mega-chapel
  • Christmas Mega-chapel

All family and friends are welcome to attend weekly chapel services and Mega-chapels.
An essential part of the curriculum is the Biblical Studies Program. On a weekly basis, students;

  • are challenged on contemporary issues and world views
  • are taught biblical principles
  • study characters and books of the bible
  • are presented the gospel and eternal perspectives
  • critically evaluate other world religions

Equipping for life:

Mueller College Senior School is just one community among many. Students play a vital role in ensuring and advocating their community remains one that is safe and supportive, and one that;

  • displays a Christ-centred and caring environment
  • develops the characteristics of good and active citizenship
  • values and tolerates the rights and viewpoints of others but
  • realizes the need for and the acceptance of consequences
  • fosters self-control and self-discipline
  • demonstrates respect in all interactions
  • an individual’s full potential can be achieved

The firm implementation of the college ‘Behaviour Management’, ‘Anti-bullying’, ‘Mobile Phone’ and ‘Assessment & Assignment’ policies, reinforces a secure and resilient student community.
Leadership is fostered within the college and culminates in the Senior Student Leadership Team each year. Along with Captains and Vice Captains, several prefect positions exist which serve to;

  • Strengthen college spirit and pride
  • Foster a servant-leadership approach
  • Role model high standards of personal presentation, uniform and behaviour to student body
  • Provide a voice for student concerns / initiatives
  • Demonstrate Pastoral Care amongst student body
  • Integrate and connect the Primary, Middle and Senior Sub-Schools
  • Represent the College at formal occasions & events

Mueller Senior School is …………… more than a school.
Come and see what we are about at one of our many headline events – Mueller Sports Awards Dinner, Presentation Evening, or Mega-chapels. Or simply book a tour of our campus.

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