Sport is a valued pursuit at Mueller College that flows from the Primary years through to our Secondary students. Its importance and value is reflected in the level of involvement of students in and out of school along with the myriad of opportunities to represent team and individual sports throughout the program.

Mueller Sport aims to achieve our mission of Building Athletes, Growing Community in all that we do. We love to see students using their God given talents in the realm of sport and hope to guide them to build both skill and character.


Participation based clinics are a great way for our younger students to get a taste of a variety of sports without having to leave the campus. Some of the options offered are listed below; whilst it does vary from year to year, we are committed to providing this introductory option to our students. These options historically are available for Prep – Year 6 students, depending on the organisation. Parents simply sign up directly with the organisations when advertised and students can attend before/after the school day.

  • Soccer (Roar Active Program)
  • AFL (Auskick)
  • Rugby League (League Stars)
  • Touch Football (Early Starters)
  • Basketball (Wizkids)


Our sporting carnivals are great opportunities for our students to drive the culture not only through participation and performance but the encouragement of one another on each of our carnival days. We regularly see themed events which adds to the atmosphere for our students are find ‘sports days’ a daunting task.


  • Swimming: Primary (Year 3 – 6) | Secondary (Year 7 – 12)
  • Cross Country: Early Years (Prep – 2) | Primary (Year 3 – 6) | Secondary (Year 7 – 12)
  • Athletics: Tabloid Sports (Prep – 2) | Primary (Year 3 – 6) | Secondary (Year 7 – 12)

The carnivals in both Primary and Secondary are used as trials to enter the representative pathway for the three respective areas of Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.

Interschool Sport (District/Weekly Sport)

Our students are very fortunate to have timetabled sport built into their weekly school timetables. From Year 5 through to 12 students get to take part in a variety of sports/activities in the Summer/Winter/Recreational sport seasons. These sports require no commitment outside of the timetabled time and where possible in the Primary/Middle years our teams are selected as ‘even ability’.

  • Upper Primary (Year 5/6): Friday Afternoon 12:30pm – 3:05pm
  • Middle School (Year 7 – 9): Thursday Afternoon 1:15pm – 3:10pm
  • Senior School (Year 10 – 12): Wednesday Afternoon 1:15pm – 3:10pm

Extra-Curricular Sport

Mueller offers a range of opportunities for students who are looking to immerse themselves in sport and take the next step in terms of commitment to sport. All our extra-curricular teams are required to train one session and play one game outside of regular school time during their season. We operate a tiered system with our ‘academy sports’ offering the greatest range of experience but also the greatest time commitment throughout the year.

Touch Football (Academy Level) Year 5 – 12
Futsal (Sport Level) Year 7 – 12
Basketball (Academy Level) Year 5 – 12
Football (Sport Level) Year 5 – 6
Rugby League (Sport Level) Year 7 – 12
Netball (Program Level) Year 5 – 12
Volleyball (Program Level) Year 7 – 12


Representative Pathway

Mueller, like all schools; provide access to the Queensland School Sport representative pathway. Students are required to register and trial for teams of their own accord however this information is emailed out from our sport office. Our primary students sit within the Redcliffe District whilst our secondary students take part in South District team trials. As a whole school we sit in the southern end of the Sunshine Coast Region and the most up to date trial information can be found at Sunshine Coast School Sport.


Each year the greater Mueller Sport community comes together to celebrate the achievements of our students with the theme of “celebrating others” at our annual Sports Awards evening. The event has grown over the years from humble beginnings in a church function room with a PowerPoint presentation to now filling over 500 seats in our MPAC auditorium.


Results and information are usually shared via email along with Mueller Connect articles and Facebook posts at

Head of Sport and Physical Education:
Jason Mancktelow (

Primary Sport Coordinator:
Lexsie Mckenzie (

Secondary Sport Coordinator:
Luke Greaves (

Basketball Academy Coordinator:
Jesse Pittman (

Touch Football Academy Coordinator:
Chris Garthe (

Netball Program Coordinator:
Lexsie Mckenzie (

Volleyball Program Coordinator:
Ryan Harris (


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